London Summer Neuroscience and Behavior

Author: Lacey Barroso


This London-based, 6-week, 6-credit, faculty-led summer program will connect Notre Dame Neuroscience and Behavior students with the history and research of neuroscience in England. Students will live and study in iconic Notre Dame owned buildings in central London. This program runs with the London Arts & Letters program and the London Journalism program. All the London summer students will live with other Notre Dame students in newly renovated flats south of the bank.

All students in this program will take the same two 3-credit courses:

  • Neuropharmacology in Great Britain: students will learn about the basic tenants of pharmacology and classes of drugs that affect the brain, with particular emphasis on drugs that have been important in Great Britain’s culture and history.
  • Neuroendocrinology and Biological Clocks: students will emphasize aspects of neuroendocrinology and hypothalamic brain regulation of homeostasis, including feeding, fluid balance, reproduction, growth and stress. Special emphasis will be on principles of biological rhythms, including circadian and seasonal timing systems, and how dysregulation of this system can lead to neuroendocrine disorders.