Self Healing Communitites Debuts it's first book!


Location: Zoom


St. Joe County Public Library is hosting a Zoom event for Self-Healing Communities of Greater Michiana to share its new children's book that helps audiences of all ages understand neuroscience and the brain to live healthier lives.

Join Dr. Nancy Michael as she discusses No Snow Day for the Brain a book written by 2021 NSBH graduates Kate Brown, Rebecca Hammond and Alex Nisbet and edited by Dr. Michael.  The book was written for all ages - the first half of the book engages younger audiences with a story of two siblings on a snow day and what is going on in their brains as their day proceeds, while the second half of the book is geared towards parents and caregivers with an explanation of the neuroscience involved and suggestions on how this understanding of the human brain can help in everyday life. 

Purchase a copy of No Snow Day for the Brain here!

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